I have a 15hh Connemara gelding who I ask to work in lots of different equestrian disciplines and we have just started hunting this season. I requested an assessment visit from Laura to check that my horse was fit to perform the duties he is asked to do in comfort and what I could do to enhance his flexibility and gait. 

I had also had a new saddle fitted and the very experience saddle fitter suggested that I had the horse checked out for my own peace of mind as even though his old saddle was not a ‘bad’ fit it was not ideal, too long in the seat and too forward cut restricting his shoulders.

Laura, after gaining consent and a medical history from my vet arrived in good time for our appointment. She was very calm and personable, my horse and I took to her immediately.

After introducing herself to us both and setting out the plan for the assessment she got to work. Laura performed a thorough body map and gait assessment and ascertained that he was stiff in the poll ( probably due to eating from a high haynet) tight in his shoulders and tender over his rump. She worked with massage and manipulation over all these areas before using H wave over his rump. My goodness, did he enjoy it!

After nearly two hours of assessment and treatment my horse was turned out and he immediately bombed around the field, clearly feeling great! I rested him for two days as Laura had advised but I performed the flexing exercises on him as instructed. 

On the third day I boxed him up and took him to the forest for a gentle hack. Even though he is always a happy and willing horse, I certainly noticed the difference with his head carriage and contact and his hind quarters were engaged better and his strike of on the right lead was perfect, he clearly felt comfortable.

Laura is due back after two weeks for a follow up visit and more treatment if necessary.

Laura came across as very knowledgeable, kind and personable professional physiotherapist and I would have no reason not to highly recommend her services.

Sarah with Mr P

Friendly and thorough right from the start. Laura explained everything step by step throughout the assesment and treatment with my very sensitive thoroughbred. He was in quite a bit of pain, and has hidden it well and continued to work and compete for me such a honest boy. He went from a very jumpy sore horse to a relaxed sleepy happy horse. we have a plan in place and I'm really happy with her service. Would highly recommend and look forward to our next session in two weeks and my horses progress.


Laura is brilliant. Ginger absolutely loves her sessions and the benefits from after are amazing and long lasting. Laura is very thorough, kind and explains everything. Wouldn't go to anyone else now. Thank you.

Amy with Ginger

Laura has done a great job with my pony Jacko so far, she’s super friendly and patient even when Jackos fidgety and is always making sure he’s happy with the treatments. I’ve had two appointments so far and I’ve seen a massive difference in him, he’s so much happier and is a lot more willing to work.

Victoria with Jacko

Laura was brilliant, sky responded so well to his treatment, she explained everything that she was doing and spent time doing what she does, no rushing, Look forward to a follow up in 4 weeks. Thanks so much Laura.

Claire with Sky


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