Rehabilitation, Electrotherapies & Exercise Therapies

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) is an electrotherapy which can form part of your dog's treatment. PEMFT induces small electrical currents within the tissues due to the constant change in magnetic flux that it induces. These currents are the mechanism underlying PEMFT induced pain relief, improved blood flow, modification of the inflammatory process, reduced swelling and enhanced tissue repair. PEMFT is therefore indicated for pain, swellings, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, muscle tightness and is also widely used in practice to treat osteoarthritis.

Therapeutic Ultrasound is particularly beneficial when treating tendon and ligament injuries, as it encourages the healing process to reach its end point sooner, whilst increasing the structural strength of the injured tendon/ligament. Ultrasound Therapy can also be used to break down scar tissue which may develop from previous muscular injury.


Exercise therapies in rehabilitation enables musculoskeletal weaknesses to be specifically targeted. By structuring your sessions, to include these specific exercises, your dog receives a fully complementary physiotherapy session encompassing all aspects of dysfunction, to improve both short term and long term prognoses.  

Exercise therapies include:

-Active range of motion including dynamic mobilization exercise

-Targeted strengthening

-Gait re-education

-Proprioceptive retraining


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