Manual Therapy

Massage can alleviate muscle tension, by promoting circulatory changes, increasing blood flow, whilst removing localized toxin build up, due to excessive muscular use/contraction. Massage also induces localized thermal effects accelerating tissue recovery. Massage is particularly useful in addressing muscular compensations which have arisen due to an adapted posture and gait, as a protective mechanism to alleviate pain. Dogs which have undergone surgery/injury are at high risk of developing compensatory muscular tightness, which can exacerbate discomfort. By alleviating tension as it arises, joint range of motion and comfort can be improved, 

Joint mobilizations can help release joint restrictions, which is particularly beneficial in arthritic dogs. This enables greater joint range of motion, whilst improving joint health. 

Joint range of motion helps maintain joint health, which may be compromised following injury, and disuse. It can also prevent stiffness and muscle contracture (shortening) following injury.

Stretching serves to restore the normal functional length of muscles which may have been compromised following overuse/underuse. It can increase muscular suppleness by improving the elasticity within the muscle, alleviating pain, whilst improving joint range of motion. 


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