Equine physiotherapy has been widely recognized to enhance performance and to facilitate recovery post injury/surgery. The professional skills of an Equine Physiotherapist in palpation, gait analysis and associated treatment therapies, provides valuable input into the health programme of your horse.

Physiotherapy checks are advised whether your a pleasure horse owner, or the competition horse owner, to ensure any musculoskeletal issues or problems are detected at an early stage to prevent further compensatory issues arising. This ensures your horse can perform optimally throughout their ridden career. As horses have an innate ability to mask pain, by adapting their gait and posture, it can be difficult to notice problems, especially when you see the horse everyday. If left unaddressed for a long time, these compensatory musculoskeletal  issues may lead to permanent damage limiting their performance. 

Signs your horse may benefit from physiotherapy:

- Changes in temperament/behavioural changes

- Resenting being tacked up especially when putting the saddle on/girthiness

- Resenting and restless when mounting

- Lethargy, poor transitions

- Development of bucking/rearing/napping when ridden

- Poor canter transitions/disunites

- Reluctant to work on the bit/head shaking/head twisting

- Taking shortned strides before fences/knocks/poor technique/refuses

- Stiffness on one rein, inability to bend correctly

-Poor hind limb engagement, hollowing of the back, high head carriage

-Saddle slip

How I can help:

- Release musculoskeletal restrictions, improving overall joint range of motion and comfort.

- Highlight and address problematic issues which may be limiting your horse's performance.

- Re-educate and encourage correct muscle development.

- If your horse has suffered an injury/condition I can provide tailored rehabilitation exercise programme's specific to your horse, to help facilitate functional recovery.

- I can provide a selection of electrotherapeutic treatments which your horse may benefit from including: H-Wave Therapy, PEMFT and Therapeutic Ultrasound. Click here to learn more...

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