Canine  Physiotherapy is a rapidly growing industry, as more veterinary practices are beginning to appreciate the value in physiotherapy, as a form of post-surgical management and conservative management, to treat a range of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. By working closely with your vet, we can formulate the most suitable treatment plan for your dog, helping them recover as efficiently and effectively as possible, restoring comfort and improving quality of life. 

My services are completely mobile, and the sessions can be conducted in the comforts of your own home. I always strive to make the sessions as positive as possible for your dog, which is stress free.

Physiotherapy is most beneficial for dogs which have:

- Undergone surgery/had an injury/or developed a musculoskeletal condition.

- Neurological problems, by supporting muscles and joints, to limit the negative impacts associated with not being able to move functionally.

-Arthritis. The arthritic patient can be managed using a multi-model approach, which coordinates an effective management programme to ensure your dog has the comfort and quality of life they deserve for as long as possible.

Physiotherapy is also beneficial for dogs to improve and maintain performance:

- In the agility/showing dog, to correct musculoskeletal imbalance to improve performance and success at competitions.

- In the working dog, to ensure your dog can work optimally throughout their working career.


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